domingo, 12 de febrero de 2012

ocular shutter

ocular shutter:

Excelente blog, gran selección de fotografías ♥

Avenue of trees in fog. (by stevejr)
Perseid Meteor Night Shoot 2008 • Milky-way with Star Trails (by Victor von Salza)

mostlypicturesilike:  Beauty in Everything - Photography  Flickr

104 (by Kathleen Finn)

Happiness- The Fray (by Katelyn Langjahr)

Air. (by breathing exercises)
fromme-toyou:  A subway train pulling into Astoria, Queens in the rain

fromme-toyou:  View of a rainy New York City from the train.

rona-keller:  Monty’s Korner (by Frank)

dreamandwake:  (by *Nishe)

vild:  (by Abby Powell)

sweethomestyle:  Submitted by thehappyliar.

heavyhearts:  (by Kellie Sides)

(by Kristine May)

grayskymorning:  by Jess Gough

lightitup:  Just a Dream (by Rosemarie Buenrostro)

(by Maren Celest)

gmjb:  madeforart:  (via bluemeaway)

lindsayhuffman:  Life is a roller coaster ride.  (via fothermuckers)

esotericmelange:  (by Tamara Lichtenstein)  ↑my personal blog, follow↑

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Sofie P. dijo...

Vaya! Que fotos tan buenas! El cabello de la chica con tijeras me enamoró!